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Baby Twisted Belly Button. Is dangerous

One complication that often occurs during labor is that the baby is wrapped around the umbilical cord. This is not uncommon to cause concern in pregnant women. However, are these conditions dangerous? The umbilical cord extends from the belly button in the fetus to the placenta. While in the womb, the umbilical cord becomes a link between the fetus and mother to carry the supply of oxygen and nutrients from the placenta to the baby's bloodstream. The umbilical cord also functions to carry dirty blood from the baby's body back to the placenta. Umbilical cord twist occurs when the umbilical cord is wrapped around the fetal neck to 360 degrees. The main cause is because the fetus is too actively moving or the size of the baby is getting bigger. Therefore, umbilical cord windings tend to occur at an older gestational age. Some other factors that can increase the risk of babies experiencing this condition are twin pregnancy, excessive amniotic fluid, umbilical cord that is too
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Exposed to Vaginal Infection during Pregnancy. Is dangerous

Pregnancy can make your body vulnerable to infection, one of which is a vaginal infection. Pregnant women who experience this will certainly worry and wonder whether getting vaginal infections during pregnancy can be dangerous or not. To find out the answer, let's consider the following review. Pregnant women are prone to vaginal infections due to a weakened immune system. A number of complaints, such as vaginal discharge, itching in the genitals, and the unpleasant odor from the vagina, can be a sign that pregnant women have vaginal infections. If not treated properly, it has the potential to cause health problems for the fetus in the womb. Two Common Causes of Vaginal Infection During Pregnancy Pregnant women need to recognize the symptoms of vaginal infections and their proper treatment. In general, vaginal infections during pregnancy can be caused by two things, namely: Vaginal infections due to fungus Fungal vaginal infections may be caused by increased pregnancy hormo

Reasons to Wear Wigs and How to Take Care of them

The use of wigs is a choice to increase your confidence. Besides being intended for aesthetic purposes, the use of wigs is also sometimes intended for medical reasons, for example in people who experience baldness due to side effects of chemotherapy. There are many choices of toupee that can be used to increase one's confidence. Factors that can be taken into consideration also vary, ranging from factors of color, shape, to style. Types of Wigs Based on the basic ingredients, objects commonly called wigs are divided into two: Made from human hair Usually wigs made from real human hair are more expensive. In addition to being expensive, this wig has a longer time to set when it is going to be used. The advantages of this toupee are more felt and look natural. Another positive thing about this type of toupee made from human hair is that it can be more durable and suitable for those who have permanent hair problems. Made from synthetic Easier to manage when trying to